Hello, friends. ROI Design is now Piña Home LLC!

Rebranding as Piña Home connects my work with my heritage and my authentic self, and honors a textile tradition native to the Philippines. Piña cloth is an intricately-embroidered sheer fabric woven from pineapple leaf fibers, an art and craft developed by indigenous Filipinos after Spanish colonizers brought pineapple plants to the archipelago. Learn more about the pinã tradition here. 

My business is the same — creating thoughtful, organized interiors that center the unique needs of your household, so every member of the family feels at home.

Please visit my new website at pinainteriors.com

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my story


Hi! I’m Cheryl.

I’m an interior designer and organizer, and founder of ROI Design. My business is the perfect marriage of my lifelong passion for interior design, my need for things to be in the right places, and my love of parenting.

My design career started nearly 20 years ago with classes at The BAC and NESAD at Suffolk, but my creative drive showed early on. I vividly remember, at age 11, drawing a floor plan of my bedroom to scale on 1/4″ grid paper, along with cut-out cardboard templates of my furniture, so that I could plan different ways to set up my room. I even did all the furniture moving myself.

I honed my design and merchandising skills with Crate and Barrel, where I served as manager of their furniture showroom in Boston’s Back Bay. As manager, I had free rein to plan each seasonal floor set and window displays, which was a dream come true. Getting to choose what rug to put with each sofa, what chair to put with each dining table, and which lamps to place in every room setting? Heaven.

But I left heaven after having my first child and while expecting my second. I joined Isis Parenting (now closed), where I learned from early childhood experts about child development and the parent-child connection. I wanted to bring that knowledge into new parents’ homes to make those years less stressful.

So, in 2012, I launched ROI Design. I’ve continued to educate myself on how children learn, how families stay connected through tween and teen years, and how parents adjust when children go away to school. All of these transitions affect how our homes reflect our lifestyles and evolving aesthetic sense. I am committed to designing for real life, and I believe beautiful, quality interiors can be achieved on a budget. 

ROI Design is dedicated to the unique needs of growing families, because I am living it. I have 2 boys who make me laugh every day, and only sometimes make me cry. My husband is my partner in everything, and keeps me from taking things too seriously. We live with our crazy rescue mutt, @reythejedidog, in a teensy 2-bedroom cottage in Boston. It’s just right for the 5 of us.

That’s my story. I’d love to learn more about you, too! Contact me.


Rebecca in Jamaica Plain:

Cheryl brings a genuine sense of curiosity and non-judgement to the design challenges presented by a couple whose tastes and communication styles vary greatly. One afternoon with Cheryl helped me reframe what seemed like a design impasse with an alternative approach that would work with our short-term and long-term goals. She also helped me think through ways to honor our high regard for quality furniture despite a limited budget.

Claire in Cambridge:

My family lives in a modestly sized home in Cambridge.  We were expecting our second child as we embarked on a renovation to add a master suite.  I was excited when I found ROI Design and Cheryl Rosenberg as her design philosophy seemed to match exactly what we were looking for.  I needed help with making informed decisions with our renovation as well as how to make our existing space work as our family expanded.  I had hoped that working with a designer would be a choice that would be cost effective in helping us to make the best choices.  We ended up engaging Cheryl to help us with our master suite as well as both our toddler’s room and a nursery/guest room.  We needed to maximize use of our space given it was limited as well as ensure the boys rooms could grow with them. Cheryl’s experience as a mom and designer for families was exactly what I was working for.

Now that our project is completed I could not be happier with the outcome.  Cheryl’s services absolutely paid for themselves.  She understood what we were asking for, asked insightful questions, and guiding us wisely when we weren’t sure of our direction. She was amazing at creating a working budget and helping with contractor administration. Her attention to detail and follow-through was definitely a strength. No detail was too small. It helped so much to be able to relax and know that I could count on her during a very stressful time (working full time, raising a toddler, moving temporarily out of our home and having a new baby before returning!).  We joked she was our “design fairy” as often I would notice thoughtful little touches that Cheryl would leave for us when here working on a project.

She stayed on budget and on time and we are so happy with our home.  Her designs are original and respectful of our style and so functional!

I can’t recommend Cheryl and ROI Design enough and look forward to our next project together!

Carin in Boston:

I hired Cheryl from ROI Design to work on a design plan for several rooms in our family’s new home. As an older but remodeled brownstone, the space presented many challenges – no natural entryway or coat closet, odd corners, tiny bathrooms, longer/narrow layout, etc. Despite these challenges, Cheryl consistently delivered on ROI’s mission of “interior design & organization for busy, growing families”. She provided guidance and options catered to our likes vs. our budget. She prompted us to think about and see our space in new ways. She recommended well-designed pieces that while pleasing to the eye also met our more functional needs. Example: where we have no dedicated dining room (ah, the joys of open space living), a well-placed (and gorgeous!) banquette and extension table has allowed us to make the most of the space we do have. She also recommended the best painters, closet designers, etc – which was well-worth the time saved for us to have to do all that research ourselves. I’d recommend her based on the compliments we get on our family room chandelier alone!

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All interior design and home organization services begin with a family survey that we do over the phone. We’ll discuss your family’s lifestyle, home layout, daily routines, and design and organizational challenges.

The next step is to have a Design & Organization Consult in your home so I can see your challenges in real life, make immediate recommendations, and give you a framework for moving forward. From here, I can also put together a detailed proposal for more in-depth design and organization services.

I can work with your family as much or as little as you like : a single consult and quick-and-dirty to-do list, or simply specifying colors and furniture for you to purchase on your own, or more full-service — overseeing contractors, placing orders and receiving deliveries, and hanging artwork on your freshly-painted walls. I like to share ideaboards on Pinterest or Houzz to hone my understanding of your personal style and taste. And I source furnishings at every budget level — living well doesn’t mean spending a lot.

Here’s a sample of what I do:

New (or Old!) Home Walk-Through 
Just what it says : We’ll walk through your home together, and discuss layouts for each room, new paint colors, placement of artwork or photos, and create organization systems to help you live smarter. I can work with furniture and accessories that you already own, or recommend new furniture, to transform your home with a fresh, updated look and improved functionality.

Design Therapist 
So many ideas, so many decisions, so many compromises, designing can be stressful. You set the tempo, I provide expert design guidance and project management. We’ll start by setting goals, and agree on weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly check-ins. At each meeting, we’ll be evaluating progress, assigning tasks to both of us to be completed between sessions, and setting new goals as we go.

Nesting Consult 
Whether your first, second, or even multiple babies, I help optimize your home to be a safe and efficient space for everyone in your growing family. Life with a newborn isn’t all peaceful feeding time in a rocking chair, and I keep it real — from changing diapers in the dark, to parking a slushy, muddy stroller in your foyer, we’ll talk about setting up your space to make it less stressful. I can also provide advice on baby registry items that best suit your space and lifestyle.

Childhood Transitions 
Suddenly, your baby is ready for a big-kid bed, or going to share a room with a sibling, or you need to turn your playspace into a study space. Your family is changing, growing, and so should your home.

Too Many Toys!
Incorporating Montessori and Waldorf education principles, I will set up your child’s playspace and materials throughout your home to promote independence, learning, and creativity.

Organization Personal Trainer 
Get your home in shape! If your space is cluttered and chaotic, I will work alongside you and your family members to determine what to keep, donate, store, or recycle, and set up a system everyone can follow. We’ll meet on a regular basis until you achieve your organization goals.

Kitchen/Bath Project Kick-off
It’s a Big, Hairy, Audacious Project, and I help you take your first steps. We’ll discuss layout, budget, your hopes and dreams, and your challenges. After this meeting, you’ll know if you need an architect or structural engineer, general contractor or handyman, where to shop for appliances, and you’ll have a budget and plan for moving forward.

Renovation Coach
Home renovations must be one of life’s most challenging experiences. Once the designing, planning, and budgeting is done, you’re overseeing contractors’ work while managing your household amid what feels like endless noise and dust. Help is here! From communicating timelines with tradespeople, to placing cabinet and fixture orders, to picking out switch plates and hanging family photos, you can leave the details to me. I will translate builder language into plain English for you, and keep everyone on track for the duration of the project.

Contact me so I can help your family, too!


I’d love to hear from you! I work with families living within 30 minutes (or so) of Boston.