what is ROI Design?

What better day for the inaugural post on my design blog than the birthday of Mies Van Der Rohe. His maxim, “Less is more,” is a principle that can be applied to nearly every project, even beyond the realm of design.

Barcelona couch, Knoll, Inc. ~knoll.com

My design philosophy is that interiors should be functional as well as beautiful. I believe that your home ultimately has a utilitarian purpose, so I design spaces for living in, not just for looking at. I’m far from minimalist, yet you generally will not find swags and jabots in my designs. Ornamentation, if applied at all, has an aesthetic purpose — to carry a color throughout a space, to accentuate an architectural element in a room, or to simply make those using a space happy.

Above all, our homes should work with the way we live. We invest so much into them: time, money, energy, emotion. In return — the ROI, if you will — our homes should bring us beauty, comfort, organization, and functionality. If the carpet in your living room is the perfect shade of dark grey to match the toss pillows on the sofa, but you have a yellow Lab and you hate vacuuming, that is not good design. Good design solves problems, it does not create them.

Before making any recommendations, I make sure I understand your lifestyle and personal taste. In the end, my design will help to make your home work for you. The name of my firm represents the process I follow to achieve this:

  • Reflect on your goals for your space and the existing elements to incorporate into the design plan
  • Observe how you and your family live to identify the practical needs for your space
  • Inspire you with colors, patterns, and textures to determine your aesthetic for your space

Are you ready for a home that works? Keep checking back here for ideas, inspiration, and projects in process.

— cheryl

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