and it was all yellow

Whether bright or subdued, yellow says sunshine, smiles, sunflowers and springtime. I love it as a statement color — used generously ALL OVER a room — or as a pop of color in an otherwise neutral room. Here are some favorites I’ve collected on my online travels.

It’s not often you see a fireplace given a fun, vibrant look. This one looks so cheerful — like a smiley face across that white wall.

~ bright.bazaar

A yellow kitchen can be too kitschy, and the wrong hue may bring back bad memories of your parents mustard appliances. But done well, a yellow kitchen is the perfect companion to your morning coffee. This kitchen incorporates budget-friendly laminate cabinetry with dramatic black and white wallpaper. The rest of the furnishings are simple, with yellow accents to carry the color across the narrow space.

~ This Lovely Home

These tiles remind me of honeycombs. I’m picturing them in a small bathroom, on the floor and walls, with everything else white. They would also make a funky backsplash in a retro-style kitchen with aqua and red accents. What would you do?

tiles by popham design. ~ design sponge

Hmm… I’m not the only one who loves yellow with aqua and teal. The high-gloss lacquer finish on the walls reflects the light and really amps up the color. The minimal use of dark woods — in the side tables and accent chairs — help ground the room while keeping it fresh and airy.

By designer Jamie Drake. ~ Elle Decor

Another yellow living room, in a softer palette with grey and white accents. The more saturated yellows of the sofa and lamp stand out against the creamy wallpaper. I like the graphic florals in the toss pillows, and would swap out the prints for something more modern — black and white photography or a pair of abstract prints with more grey tones.

~ Architecture Idea | Modern Home Design | Room Inspiration

This living room takes yellow to the edgy, sophisticated level. Proof that yellow can be sexy.

~ decor pad

If you think yellow is too bright for your bedroom, and you want a more soothing color palette, think about your bedding. Bed linens are not a major commitment or huge expense, but a way to bring a little sunshine into your room when you want it. Here, a blanket and matching shams do the trick. I would recommend the Denyse Schmidt design below with coordinating shams.


Denyse Schmidt is an amazing artist, craftsperson, and business owner, based in Bridgeport, CT. Her designs are based on traditional quilt patterns, with irregular shapes and color combinations that give them a modern art feel. I would style whole rooms around one of her quilts.

"Roots" quilt designed by Denyse Schmidt. ~ DS Designs

I love yellow because it makes me feel optimistic, which I generally am not. And don’t we all need a little extra optimism these days?

What are your favorite yellow rooms? I’d love to see them 🙂

3 Replies to “and it was all yellow”

    1. Hi Jodie,
      I was just reading about your gray house! A bright color like yellow is exactly what I’d love to see on your front door — it would really highlight your porch.

      Thanks for stopping by!


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