clutter or character?

You are a collector. You have a lot of stuff. It reminds you of where you’ve been, what you’ve done, and who you love. This Apartment Therapy post kindly reminds us that this is OK.

The vast majority of us don’t live in pristine, precious houses where every surface is clear and toss pillows are fluffed and placed just-so. Most of us live in our houses — isn’t that what houses are for?

I believe in homes with character, decorated with items that reflect the life experiences of the people who dwell within. I don’t worry so much about everything belonging to a particular style, unless it holds meaning for the homeowner. If you love this thing and that other thing, then they go with you, and that’s what makes them “match.”

via Domino Magazine’s Facebook page

So go ahead. Place a family picture or two in your living room. Put your grandmother’s turned wood lamp on the glossy white cube table. There’s a way to make it work visually. Not convinced? I’ve found so much inspiration in Jeffrey Bilhuber’s book, The Way Home.

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