boys room re-do

The transition from crib to big-kid bed is a major change in the life of a child’s room, even more so when the room is shared with an older sibling. This room belongs to my 2 boys. After 5 years, my vision has finally been realized — we took apart the crib and set up the bunks. Though the room is large enough to fit the 2 beds separately, we wanted to maximize space for play, crafts, and eventually, homework.

shared boys room with bunk beds

Half of the room opposite the bunk beds is a play area. Having a photo of everything put away is crucial. Once they dive into their toys, the floor will be covered in cars, Legos, and magic wands. With a picture, you’ll know that it’s possible to clean up.

Play area in boys' bedroom

This oversized slipcovered chaise has served me well for the past 7 years. When buying furniture for your infant’s room, consider, “Will I be comfortable falling asleep in this?” Because you will.

Boys' room bunk beds and reading nook

I like to group books by color, purely for visual aesthetics. But I’ve found that my kids can easily remember what color to look for when they have a particular book in mind. Training memory at an early age? Perhaps!20120820-191209.jpg

The wall shelf for the top bunk is actually a spice rack from IKEA. Perfect size for a book, a clock, a flashlight, and a cup of water. (that’s Fred the penguin)20120820-191051.jpg



9 Replies to “boys room re-do”

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I think the room is about 12×22. The orange magazine holder is for coloring books, drawings, schoolwork and random papers they generate. When it’s overflowing, we go through and throw stuff out.


  1. Ok– one more question: how do you store oversized coloring / sticker books? I’m trying in vain to set up a craft space for grace… Everything just ends up on the table.


  2. The room looks great, but where do you keep their clothes? I am currently struggling with that with my daughters and their shared bedroom. Space constraints and the fact that I only have time to put away laundry when they are in bed are my two big problems.

    Great site, by the way!


    1. Thanks for stopping by, Stacy! I have it a little easier with clothes — I imagine your girls have more, and a wider variety, than my boys do. Clothes are in the closet: tops and bottoms in a 3-drawer dresser and “nice” clothes hanging above. Each kid gets his own drawer, with PJs in the middle drawer. Socks and undies go in a clear hanging shoe organizer. The best solution is a custom closet, like California Closets or Elfa.

      Finding time to put their clothes away is a challenge, and if I get them into the dresser at all, I’m happy with that. I just stuff their folded clothes into drawers while they’re getting ready for bed.

      Thanks again!


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