say ‘no’ to solid sofas

Most people automatically assume that a sofa should be a solid neutral color. It’s often the largest element in the room — a neutral fabric prevents it from overwhelming the space. When upholstered in a boldly patterned fabric, a sofa becomes a dramatic focal point.

Start with a piece with simple, clean lines and a classic style. This tight-back bench seat sofa is about as simple as it gets:

via Loveology

Find a fabric you adore and cannot live without. Afraid of pattern? The navy background on this gives this punchy floral a classic yet fun look:

Flavia fabric from Harlequin’s Folia Collection, via Bright.Bazaar

A nod to classic styling with a modern twist is this large-scale ikat in grey highlighted with oh-so-chic chartreuse by Dwell Studio:

Dwell Studio – George Sofa – Batavia Citrine fabric

Personally, I’m a sucker for plaid, especially large plaids when the pattern matches up this neatly across the cushions and base:

Paul Smith + Maharam Sofa - Ps Plaid Sofa

Once you have selected the perfect frame and fabric, style the rest of the room with your sofa as the star of the show. Keep things elegant with a coordinating neutral:

Crate and Barrel Sofa in custom fabric

or a bright complementary color for a playful air:

Patterned sofa from Domino Magazine via Roomology

Bonus for families: a pattern doesn’t show stains as readily as a solid can.

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