inspiration: bedroom walls

I’m working with a client who shares a common problem with many families in urban areas — a small master bedroom without much natural light. Here are 5 bedroom decorating tips to avoid feeling like you sleep in a cave.

1. Keep it simple: cream walls paired with white bedding & window treatments.

via Amoroso Design

2. Soft, gold-toned walls that mimic sunlight. Like the room above, the dark furniture keeps the room grounded and sophisticated.

via Haut Haus

3. Defy common sense and go dark, but keep the rest of the room light. The quirky, vintage furnishings and graphic coverlet have enough character to stand up to the strong color.

via Apartment Therapy

4. Patterned wallpaper, but not so busy it isn’t restful. My rule of thumb: Imagine waking up with a hangover. If the mere suggestion gives you a headache, tone it down.

from Belle Maison via Design Your Walls

5. And finally, my favorite design route: take the walls to the bright side. Only for the brazen who are not afraid of color.

via House Beautiful
via House & Home Media

Here’s what I chose for my own bedroom walls. In addition to being small, my bedroom does not get much natural light. This orange is warm, cozy and inviting. When I use an intense color like this in a small space, I go with a satin or eggshell finish, so that the walls reflect the light, rather than absorb it.

Benjamin Moore Buttered Yam AF-230

What color is your bedroom?

2 Replies to “inspiration: bedroom walls”

  1. Love your bedroom wall color….warm and inviting. I love the colorful bedrooms. When you’re ready to sleep, you turn off the light anyway, so vibrant colors aren’t too stimulating to sleep. And in the daytime, the room isn’t bland.


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