glimmers of progress

It’s so gratifying when a project finally moves from the design phase into the execution phase! The first rooms for my current project — a house in Brighton — are starting to take shape. Here’s a peek at the master bedroom and walk-in closet.


There is more work to be done, but I’m so excited about my progress I had to share! This suite was dark, cluttered, and traditional, anchored by an oversized sleigh bed in espresso leather. Lightening up the walls, selecting a new bed upholstered in linen, and shifting the furniture layout, give the bedroom a clean, elegant, modern air that reflects the style of the young family who lives here.

And the closet, previously outfitted with shelving and rods from a big box store, was so wrong for my client’s needs it was literally falling apart. I partnered with Closet Solutions in Somerville to turn this walk-in closet into a gorgeous, functional dressing room with touches of Hollywood glam. Isn’t the zebra rug FABULOUS?!

More to come as this project continues to take shape! Follow me on Pinterest for a preview of my ideas.

2 Replies to “glimmers of progress”

    1. Isn’t it pretty? The tufted wingback bed is what you typically see now, but it would have been overwhelming for this small room. You can’t see the silver nailhead trim that runs along the outside edge of the wings, but it adds just enough to luxe it up. Thanks for visiting my blog!


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