3 reasons you need a stair runner

This post, from the experts at Carpet Workroom in Needham, just might be the handiest guide ever to buying carpeting. Yes, I said carpeting, but not the gross, stinky, wall-to-wall, VOC-emitting nylon from the 70s.

I’m talking about gorgeous, soft, wool, custom-crafted carpets, perfect for any room, and, especially, on stairs.

stair runner jp
herringbone flat-weave carpet crafted and installed by The Carpet Workroom

I often recommend stair runners to my client families for several reasons :

  1. Stairs get used, like, a lot. Maybe you just refinished your hardwood stairs, or had new treads installed. Instead of looking at refinishing or repainting in a few years, protect them from wear-and-tear with a good-looking stair runner.
  2. Kids fall down stairs. So do grown-ups and pets. It’s happened in my house, to 4 of our 6 residents, and it hurts like hell. A carpet and pad on those steps go a long way to ease the pain and bruises.
  3. Your stairway is a room, too. Often, your stairway gets overlooked as a space to be decorated, but you probably walk up and down your stairs more than you use your dining room. It’s worth the investment in a carpet runner to make a big, or more subtle, style statement.
white on gray patterned carpet on stairs
another gorgeous installation by The Carpet Workroom


SOURCE: How do you select the right carpet materials for your needs? That’s often the biggest question we get here at The Carpet Workroom, so we put together this : Carpet Materials: Pros, Cons, Pricing & Tips! – The Carpet Workroom


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