design in the time of coronavirus

Hello friends,
I hope that you and yours are only peripherally affected by this crisis. Like most of you, I am home, with my husband, my 2 kids, and my dog, with lots to do and yet feeling like I can’t do anything. The uncertainty of these days is overwhelming and, at times, immobilizing. I hope you are being kind to yourselves as you adjust.

I am a Cancer through and through — my home is my sanctuary, and I NEED my alone time so this is hard on my psyche. We are learning how to share space together, and how to give one another space. I am also evaluating what isn’t working in our home, and committing to a few projects that will bring us the most peace.

As you spend time in your homes in the coming days and weeks ahead, let me know how I can help. Maybe a FaceTime consult to get your workspace set up, maybe photos of your kids’ play area that needs organizing, or a video of your kitchen now that you’re doing more meal prep at home. I don’t know how this is going to work, but if I can make things better for your family, I’d like to try.

Be safe, be healthy. We will get through this together (apart).

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