I’ve always worked from home, but now I do it with a husband and 2 kids! Like most of you, my house has quickly become so much more than where we lay our heads at night. Our 1,200 square foot space now operates as offices for two, a classroom for two more, an after-school, dance-cardio studio, and a diner open 24/7. And it’s clear this isn’t all going to change anytime soon.

Workplaces will not be the same when we return to them. Think about the open-plan seating in most corporate offices and trying to maintain a 6-foot distance between employees — just NOPE. Now that we’ve done it for a while, employers will be much more open to people working from home, if not outright requiring it. WFH is real, and our homes need to adjust.

Now, I never turn down an opportunity to buy new furniture, so I’m desk shopping. And, feeding two kids all day isn’t cheap, so I’m on a budget. Scouring IKEA’s website yielded six cheap-and-chic options.

IKEA Desks
1 lisabo // 2 norden // 3 lommarp // 4 micke // 5 nordkisa // 6 ingatorp
  1. LISABO Desk. The bleach-blond wood and mid-century splayed legs make a serious style statement!
  2. NORDEN Gateleg table. This can back up to a wall or sofa and fold down when not needed. And drawers are a bonus — like pockets in a dress.
  3. LOMMARP Desk. I always break for bold color, and this deep teal desk doesn’t disappoint! The neat-freak in me loves the skinny slot to run your cords through.
  4. MICKE Desk. Oh MICKE! You’re a classic and still so fine.
  5. NORDKISA Dressing table. Super-sweet and super-small bamboo number, only 30×18″
  6. INGATORP Desk. Traditional Scandi styling in trendy beige extends from 29″ to a spacious 50″ wide. INGATORP would be a perfect sewing station for all my mask-making friends.

I’m still going to do a bit more research on slightly higher-priced desks, but I’ve made space for it. Since we won’t be hosting dinner parties anytime soon, I pivoted our dining table like so to open up one end of the room.

Is it how I want my dining room set up forever? Hell, no! But if it makes the room work better for this phase in our lives, I will embrace it. Design aims for an ideal, but it also exists to address human behaviors and needs. Design needs to work for real life, however strange real life may be.

Stay tuned for more of my pandemic picks!

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